Stanley Hoang: Accountant and Administration Guru

Stanley is an Accounting and Information Systems student at The University of Auckland, and is new to Plastic Diet this year! He joined Plastic Diet simply because he loves the message. Read more about Stanley here!


What's one environmentally focussed film that really made you go 'oh, man...'?

Plasticized (check it out here)


What advice do you have for newbies to the
plastic-free diet?

Start slow, removing it bit by bit from your life


Who are your role models or idols?

Wangari Maathai, the Kenyan lady who founded the Green Belt Movement  


How do you feel about the future of our planet?

Very positive, as more people are waking up about the impact of their lives
on the environment, and wanting to make a positive contribution in 
conserving the environment.


What does your future look like?

Not sure for now, but I think it will be exciting

Image from Green Belt Conservancy - check them out for
info on the Green Belt Movement and how to get involved!

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