Ban the Bag

It’s a common misconception that plastic bags are free.

The truth is that New Zealanders spend $25 million on them every year.  And that’s just the cost of their consumption: it excludes their environmental, aesthetic and clean-up costs. As a snapshot, plastic bags are the second most common litter in an ocean that has 46,000 pieces of plastic every square mile, bags are the main contaminant of recycling in many areas and have caused floods and killed animals. More info here.

Do you want to join us and change this?

Auckland aims to be the “world’s most liveable city”. But we’re falling behind. Let’s catch up with the other cities around the world and stop accepting the hidden costs of plastic bags. Cities from  New York to Delhi have done it. Even whole countries like South Africa and Cameroon have managed. Let’s catch up!

Sign the petition and ask Auckland Council to ban plastic bags here.
Want to do more? Let us know how you'd like to help the campaign win here.

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