The Dark Side of the Lantern Festival

Auckland’s annual Chinese Lantern Festival took place  26 February to 1 March. While for many the experience entailed a cultural celebration with beautiful lanterns and delicious food, there is a darker side to the festival.

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Plastic on Air

Florence Reynolds from Plastic Diet having a chat on the Green Desk 95bFM with Pippa Coom:
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Petition Sucesss!

Thank you for signing our petition asking food vendors at UoA campus to be more sustainable!


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Ease Up on the Waste!

Plastic Free Week challenged participants to "Ease up on the waste" and reduce their single-use plastic consumption for one week. This ranged from committing to giving up straws/single use bottles/bags to going completely plastic free. The winner of the Ecostore photo competition was Courtney.

The week was launched with some extremely knowledgeable and inspiring speakers at an event at Auckland University.


Plastic Bottle Kayak

A group of young people from around New Zealand built kayaks made from upcycled plastic bottles to showcase the beauty of NZ, youth collaboration and plastic pollution issues. They paddled for 100km down the Whanganui River, through incredible scenery and down rapids. Check out the journey!

Click here for the Campbell Live news story.

Are you interested in helping out in other sustainability-related adventures? Register your interest here.


Life goes on without plastic!

Plastic Free Week is starting!!

The challenge is to live without buying any new single use plastic for the week. Single use plastic is plastic that is designed to be thrown out after one use (e.g. food packaging - NOT plastic used in clothes, shoes, phones, money etc that is used multiple times).

You can really decide how far you want to take the challenge. You could just drop the "big four" single-use bags, straws, coffee cups and bottles. However, trying to live entirely single-use plastic free is eye-opening and extremely fulfilling. Some people don't buy plastic that has been recycled already, but my personal opinion is that this will encourage the recycling industry, as most producers do not want to use recycled plastic in their products

The excitement is immense, the prizes are stacked and the launch event is just hours away.

The question remains: how to live plastic free for a week?

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Cash for Containers

A group of Auckland University students ran a Ca$h for Containers day, giving 20c in return for every recyclable drinks container brought in. This event showcased the importance of extended producer responsibility and demonstrated how successful container deposit legislation would be were it introduced in New Zealand.

Read more about Container Deposit Legislation here.

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