The Plastic Diet

Easy first steps towards your plastic-free life!

The easiest things to reduce in your life, that we constantly find littered on beaches and parks, include:

Coffee cups
Plastic bags
Drink bottles (both water and soft drinks)
Plastic cutlery and takeaway containers

Each of these plastic waste items have reusable alternatives that you can purchase and bring your own. You can even find metal reusable straws!

If you don't want to carry reusable alternatives, you could also consider seeking places that have sit-down, dine-in option to refuse takeaway waste. 

Shopping Plastic Free

Buy in bulk and use bulk bins (check out Bin Inn and Ecostore)
Bring your own shopping, vege and produce bags!
Favour glass and cardboard over plastic - but check for things like plastic windows on boxes, or plastic lined food packaging!

Keen to step it up and take on a no-plastic challenge?

Check out these great websites with more tips and tricks -

Rubbish Free NZ
Plastic Free July

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