Why would you make something to be used once, out of a material that lasts forever?

Plastic Diet aims to reduce single-use plastic consumption and pollution. We work to promote solutions to, and awareness of, these issues.

We're proud to have powered the recent Plastic Bottle Kayak Expedition! Check out the news story here.


Who are we?

Plastic Diet is a youth-led organisation dedicated to reducing single-use plastic waste and consumption.

Our values guiding our work:

  • We are a solutions-focussed community and movement, promoting possible solutions rather than solely focussing on the problems of plastic

  • We are not a ‘cleanup’ or ‘correct disposal’ organisation; instead we aim to work at the top of the waste hierarchy and address the issue at its source and supply

  • We work to promote awareness about plastic because we believe that a greater understanding is a necessary precursor to systemic change

  • While we believe that individual actions have an extremely important part to play, we believe that systemic change is ultimately required to address the issue and we therefore aim to inclusively work alongside businesses and other stakeholders

  • We believe that New Zealand is in a unique position to make global changes towards sustainability due to its size and reputation as a leader in environmental policies

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