Joanna: Lush 'Boom' Toothy Tabs!

Our second challenge for the microbead free Plastic Free July was a product review of Lush Toothy Tabs. Toothy Tabs are a favourite product here at Plastic Diet, thanks to their lack of microbeads! In the past, they were packaged in cardboard packaging, making them even better for the environment! Now, they're packaged in recycled plastic due to customer complaints about their Toothy Tabs being damaged during shipping. 

Hello all!

Now we are heading into the second week of Plastic Free July Challenge, I will still be focusing on the environmental impact of plastic microbeads. To promote the idea of plastic free microbeads, I decided to try out the Lush’s Boom Toothy Tabs.

Lush’s Boom Toothy Tabs contains gunpowder tea and charcoal which you can be sure of explosive freshness when you nibble one between your front teeth. My first impression of the Boom Toothy Tabs would be that sense of black pepper and the taste of spicy cola. It is completely environmental friendly as it is made from organic and natural ingredients. Although it is not packaged in sustainable cardboard as customers have complaints about the product being damaged, I would still recommend this tooth tab if you would like to have some fun while brushing your teeth and making them looking extra white! An extra side note would be that your lips might stain a bit as it turns into black powdery form while you use the tooth tabs. These stains can be easily removed by wiping your mouth!

Here are some reasons why I would recommend you to try out this Boom Toothy Tabs:

  1. The use of toothy tabs is very convenient as the tablets are easily crushed between your teeth and the scent of the tabs are not overwhelming.

  2. Comparing the tooth tabs to a standard toothpaste, it is not as cheap as the standard toothpaste with plastic microbeads in it. But considering the environmental impact one small tube of toothpaste can make, spending a few more dollars if you have the budget will be a good choice!

  3. Lush’s Boom Toothy Tabs give you a very good idea on what environmental friendly toothpaste would be like (the texture and flavour). The Boom Toothy Tabs can be purchased at any Lush store around the country and worldwide!

An alternative option to Boom Toothy Tabs is to make your own toothpaste that does not contain plastic microbeads. I would like to have a go at making my own toothpaste sometimes this month to help promote Plastic Free July and refuse the use of microbeads in our daily personal cares. More or less, making your own toothpaste may not be as hard as you thought it would be! If you don’t have the budget to continuously repurchase Toothy Tabs such as this amazing gunpowder one from Lush, you can always try making your own unique toothpaste!

Let me know what you think about this short review of Lush’s Boom Toothy tabs and you are more than welcome to give it a go and purchase this yourself! Apologies for my delayed blog as I was in Southland during week 2 for an awesome environmental camp hosted by YMCA Southland! Hope you all have enjoyed your second week of Plastic Free July!


Product Details: Lush’s Boom Toothy Tabs

Price: NZD $12.90


Joanna Tao

16 || AKL || NZ

Joanna Tao is our in house blogger for our Plastic Free July + Plastic Diet microbead free challenge! She's currently an intern at Plastic Diet, working on community engagement. She's also a youth ambassador for Sustainable Coastlines, a crew member at Raise Up Crew, a MAD student leader and all-round super youth environmental representative!

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