Joanna: Lush 'Boom' Toothy Tabs!

Our second challenge for the microbead free Plastic Free July was a product review of Lush Toothy Tabs. Toothy Tabs are a favourite product here at Plastic Diet, thanks to their lack of microbeads! In the past, they were packaged in cardboard packaging, making them even better for the environment! Now, they're packaged in recycled plastic due to customer complaints about their Toothy Tabs being damaged during shipping. 

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Lara: Analysing my beauty regime!

The first weekly challenge for Plastic Free July + Plastic Diet's microbead free challenge was to review your current cosmetic, beauty and personal care regime! For Lara, this was an overall positive experience with one upsetting surprise....

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Joanna: Scrubbing plastic on your face??!!

It's the time of year where high school students around New Zealand start preparing for their school balls! Joanna discusses how the focus on appearances around ball season may have an unexpected environmental impact - the inclusion of microbeads in your favourite cosmetic product!


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