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Thank you for signing our petition asking food vendors at UoA campus to be more sustainable!


Plastic Diet and Project Envy want to see Auckland University become a sustainable Uni. Currently the food vendors at the UoA literally generate truckloads of unnecessary plastic waste. Not only are most meals served in plastic, but often this is polystyrene - one of the most environmentally harmful types of plastic!

Other universities, including AUT, have discounts for students bringing their own coffee cup or container for food. It's standard in many places to use biodegradable packaging. Thanks to our help. UoA food vendors are starting to be environmentally responsible.

Most quad food vendors will now give 50c dishcount when you BYO container or dish for meals over $8, and 20c off hot drinks.

To make it even easier, Plastic Diet & AUSA are running Waste Wacthers every Wednesday in the quad. Rock up, borrow a dish for free. Not only will you get to dine in style and save yourself some moolah, but you'll be giving the environment a break from plastic pollution.

Check out Waste Watchers for more information and to sign up to help out!


Happy eating,

Plastic Diet


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