September 08, 2016
Contact: Plastic Diet

Press Release September 2016

New Zealand must listen to global demand and ban microbeads.

In light of the news that the United Kingdom government is set to announce a ban on plastic microbeads due to their nature as a ‘water pollutant’ and potential to cause a range of environmental impacts, Plastic Diet wishes to draw attention to their on-going call to the Minister for the Environment to implement a similar ban in New Zealand.

“Plastic microbeads are completely unnecessary ingredients that we can only assume are added to products because they’re cheaper for manufacturers - they certainly don’t do a better job than any of the natural products that are available out there, and are causing considerably more damage to the environment and our oceans than those alternatives too,” said Briar Wyatt, vice-president of Plastic Diet.

Plastic Diet, a youth-led initiative focused on the reduction of single-use plastic waste and consumption in New Zealand, want the government to implement a total legislative ban on the manufacture and sale of microbeads in New Zealand.

“We know the government is investigating the possibility of a microbeads ban in New Zealand, Nick Smith has been quoted by other media sources as expecting a report on this issue in February this year. It’s now September, and we still don’t know when we can expect the outcomes of this report.”

Plastic Diet are currently investigating the possible outcomes of this report, and running a petition calling for a ban on microbeads in New Zealand.

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Briar Wyatt




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