Auckland , New Zealand


Part-time (3-6hrs/wk), variable


Fixed-term (12-months)



Start date:

September 2015



As part of the Plastic Diet Board, the Secretary will play a vital role in the management and operation of the Board and Core Team alongside the President, Vice President and Treasurer. Plastic Diet wants to be a role model, not only in cutting out single-use plastics, but in being an all-round well oiled, youth-led organisation. To achieve this, we need you, our Secretary, to be our King or Queen of Admin, ensuring that Plastic Diet's agendas are in everybody's faces all the time - well, that our Core Team is as prepped and primed as possible to get down to business! In essence, you, the Secretary, will beautify and formalise the duties and activities of our team to strengthen and structure Plastic Diet's inner workings.   

Responsibilities of this role include writing meeting agendas, taking minutes, and external and internal communication.  Joining our community in this role will provide you with a unique opportunity to use your leadership potential and develop your skills.




  • The 'Devil's in the Details': you pride yourself in being meticulously organised and teaching others to be so as well!

  • You are extremely passionate about eliminating plastic pollution at the source

  • You are fun, empathetic and reliable

  • You have excellent language skills, and communicate accurately and efficiently

  • You are well organised: able to meet deadlines and be in-the-know about other people's whereabouts  

  • You are self-directed and able to work independently as well as collaboratively in a team

  • You value transparency, integrity, accountability, collaboration, co-creation and community



Chief administrative duties

  • Duly issue meeting minutes and meeting agendas

  • Minute-taking
  • Announce time and location for executive meetings

  • General data entry

Internal and external communication

  • Aid in the distribution and communication of time tables, deadlines, and day-to-day activities of the Board and Core Team. 

  • Facilitate meetings and communication with external stakeholders

  • Respond to general queries and transfer correspondences to relevant executives 

  • Ensure confidentiality and compliance with organisational values in all internal and external communication

Improving organisational structure

  • Aid in the construction of Plastic Diet's organisational documents (eg. our Constitution, Values Statement, etc.)

  • Ensure general compliance with organisational values in the operations of our Board and Core Team




Previous experience in an administrative role

Strong networking and interpersonal skills

Excellent communication skills

  • Understands subtext

  • Able to identify key information
  • Can produce and format written documents accurately and efficiently

Project management skills

  • Delegates tasks/roles efficiently and responsibly

  • Able to lead teams and work with teams

  • Proactive problem solving

  • Group decision-making skills

Time and change management skills

  • Able to manage your personal time and meet deadlines

  • Able to plan and understand coworkers schedules
  • Able to adapt to change

  • Able to juggle several big-picture roles alongside their tangible implementation




  • Expand and explore your leadership potential

  • Develop amazing friendships working alongside a community of fun, passionate and dynamic young people

  • Learn about one of the important issues of our time and make an impact in addressing it

  • Be part of a young and rapidly growing organisation

  • Learn skills in a hands-on environment

  • Gain experience and responsibilities that will set you apart when looking for paid work



  1. Please fill out this form

  2. Send a copy of your CV to with “core team application” as the subject.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on the 13th of September, and elections will be held for all core team positions.

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