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I am a university student and I am very concerned about the impacts that we are having on the environment. I would like you to reflect this more strongly in your final local plan, including the local board to take a stance to actively reduce single-use plastics. I support your current plan regarding recycling initiatives, however I believe that tangible reduction is what is a very important step to tackle waste, as it is working at the top of the waste hierarchy. This is a vitally important aspect of your environmental/waste goals as well as an important step in helping to create a thriving community.

Specifically, I would firstly like to see you take the stance of reducing plastic bag usage through supporting alternatives and a plastic bag tax.  I believe that banning plastic bags is a vital part of your environmental and waste plan and will help to create a thriving community. Plastic bags are one of the most common forms of litter and are extremely detrimental to the marine environment. Furthermore they are aesthetically unappealing and are a financial burden in terms of hidden costs to the consumer, contaminating recycling and litter clean ups. I'm asking that you follow the many towns, cities and even countries around the world that have introduced a bag tax or ban and support such action.

Secondly, I also believe that any events run or supported by the local board should have a 'zero waste' policy that encourages alternatives to disposables (for example reusable plates, or compostable plates that are collected for composting). This is another easy step to reducing the financial, environmental and health impacts of single-use plastics.

I am (delete if not) willing to speak in support of my submission.

I thank you in advance for ensuring that our community and environment are able to thrive into the future.


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