Vice President



Auckland , New Zealand


Part-time (3-8hrs/wk), variable


Fixed-term (12-months)



Start date:

May 2016



As part of the Plastic Diet Board, the Vice President will be assisting the President in managing the Plastic Diet Core Team in the development, coordination and execution of our Plastic-Punching campaigns, primarily at the University of Auckland. Our Vice President is there to ensure that Plastic Diet always has a lively, well-rested, composed leader that can tackle the challenge of being our official spokesperson and setting the direction for Plastic Diet on our journey towards expansion, recognition and an ever-improving, vibrant organisational culture. You are Second in Command on our glorious plastic-combating vessel, and you will play an invaluable role in shaping the future of Plastic Diet together with our Core Team. 

Responsibilities of this role include coordinating our Board and Core Team, being our second official spokesperson, delegation and logistics management.  Joining our community in this role will provide you with a unique opportunity to use your leadership potential and develop your skills.


  • A leader: you are confident about taking initiative, motivating and involving people in our cause

  • You are extremely passionate about eliminating plastic pollution at the source

  • You are fun, empathetic and charismatic

  • You enjoy giving speeches and appealing to a wide range of audiences

  • You are an efficient and inspiring communicator, both verbally and written

  • You are well organised: able to manage and delegate multiple tasks, including logistics and abstract responsibilities

  • You are self-directed and able to work independently as well as collaboratively in a team

  • You value transparency, integrity, accountability, collaboration, co-creation and communitY



Managing and coordinating Plastic Diet’s Board and Core Team

  • Work with our Core Team on the delegation of tasks, appointing committees, establishing meeting agenda and following such agendas

  • Keeping our Board members (Vice President and Secretary) informed on the duties and matters of the Board and Core Team.

  • Assure that all tasks of the Board and Core Team are duly completely

Spearheading our events, projects and campaigns

  • Maintain, improve and expand existing initiatives

  • Organise and facilitate meetings with the Core Team to develop ideas and reach consensus around projects

  • Research practical solutions for cutting out plastic pollution at the source

Promoting Plastic Diet as the face of our organisation

  • Give speeches to a wide range of audiences, as required, including our volunteers, public servants, other organisations and the general public

  • Represent Plastic Diet and advocate our work through the press, social media and other platforms



Previous experience in a leadership role

Public speaking or debating experience

Strong networking and interpersonal skills

Innovation and campaigning skills

  • Able to create unique and inspiring campaigns

  • Able to carry out a campaign from conceptualisation, to planning, to execution

Project management skills

  • Delegates tasks/roles efficiently and responsibly

  • Able to lead teams and work with teams

  • Proactive problem solving

  • Group decision-making skills

Time and change management

  • Able to manage your personal time

  • Able to adapt to change

  • Able to juggle several big-picture roles alongside their tangible implementation



  • Expand and explore your leadership potential

  • Develop amazing friendships working alongside a community of fun, passionate and dynamic young people

  • Learn about one of the important issues of our time and make an impact in addressing it

  • Be part of a young and rapidly growing organisation

  • Learn skills in a hands-on environment

  • Gain experience and responsibilities that will set you apart when looking for paid work



Before 4pm 26th April, please:

1. Please fill out this form

2. Send a copy of your CV to with “core team application” as the subject.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on the 28th of April, and elections will be held for all vacant core team positions.

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