Kinanti Desyanandini: Visual Arts Director

Kinanti is about to kick off her first year as a Product/Industrial design student at AUT University. She learnt about Plastic Diet through a chance encounter at her work place, and now utilises her amazing design skills as our Visual Arts Director.


What is your go to plastic alternative that you can't live without?

Wood, especially bamboo - because it's recyclable, biodegradable, and can be generated sustainably in large amounts :)

What advice do you have for newbies to the plastic-free diet?

Try to prepare everything in advance - it's better to have a slightly heavier bag filled with reusable things rather than having to buy or use single-use plastic items that you'll throw away, only to later cost our earth more than that little slice of convenience - you get used to it too after a while!

What is the hardest thing about avoiding plastic?

I think in the beginning it's mainly hard because you don't realise how often you use single usage plastic - think fruits in supermarkets, meat (if you eat meat) styrofoam packaging with gladwrap, ketchup and sauces from fast food stores, sushi packaging, toothbrushes, heaps! When you actively avoid plastic, only then do you realise that you need to find or use an alternative.

What ignited your passion and concern for our environment?

Seeing things getting worse, and living in places where the environment is much more visibly polluted than NZ honestly brings out that "shoot i need to do something and contribute to stopping worse things from happening".

Who are your role models or idols?

I take a lot of bits and bobs of inspiration from everywhere honestly - from amazing coworkers and friends, famous people (not necessarily celebrities), to members of my family

How do you feel about the future of our planet?

1/2 paranoid that it'll get worse and 1/2 hopeful that things will get better as technology and the effort of amazing people (like the other guys from Plastic Diet) improve constantly over time.

What is your most important source of inspiration?

Visual inspiration definitely - so online media/magazines, Instagram, blogs (yes, tumblr included)

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