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Volunteer Liaison Job Description



Auckland , New Zealand


Part-time (1-5 hrs/wk), variable


Fixed-term (12-months)



Start date:

September 2015


As part of the Plastic Diet core team, the Volunteer Liaison will coordinate the People Team to help shape the volunteer experience for the members of Plastic Diet. The strength of our organisation is our people, therefore this role is vital in ensuring the success of our work. Plastic Diet doesn’t just want to change the world. We want to have fun doing it and provide unique opportunities for young kiwis to learn, grow and flourish. We want to provide our volunteers with THE BEST volunteer experience possible! This is where you, the coordinator of the People Team, comes in.

Responsibilities of this role include volunteer recruitment, providing volunteers with support and guidance, helping new volunteers to understand their role in the organisation as a whole, actively creating and critiquing organisational culture, creating opportunities for upskilling, and facilitating communication and mediation. Joining our community in this role will provide you with a unique opportunity to gain leadership experience and develop your skills.




  • A people person: you enjoy working with people, are friendly and approachable

  • You are extremely empathetic: able to read people and understand how people tick

  • You are a great listener and communicator

  • You are well organised: able to coordinate abstract responsibilities and manage multiple tasks

  • You are self-directed and able to work independently as well as collaboratively in a team

  • You value transparency, integrity, accountability, collaboration, co-creation and community

  • You are extremely passionate about playing a part in making a difference to the world




Acting as the link between our core team and the People Team

Coordination of the People Team’s mission of ensuring that volunteers have the best possible experience within Plastic Diet:

  • Provide stewardship and advocacy within our processes, planning and actions to ensure that our volunteers are nourished and our organisational values enacted

  • Be aware of volunteers’ workloads and aid in delegation where needed

  • Observing organisational culture, provide proactive feedback to the core team and ensure that organisational values are enacted

  • Provide mediation and facilitation for teams when required (provide support in teams decision-making, resolve disputes and provide advocacy)

  • Ensure that all volunteers are able to contribute meaningfully

Oversee the responsibilities of the People Team, including:

  • Recruitment of volunteers to all levels of commitment

  • Enactment of organisational values within processes and planning

  • Internal communication (volunteer newsletters)

  • Upskilling, training and transmission of organisational values

  • Facilitate reflection within teams, and after projects to provide constructive feedback

  • Aid in the construction and review of our organisational values, processes and priorities




Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including being an exceptional listener

Social networking and general people skills

Proactive problem solving

  • Able to pick up on vibes and interpersonal patterns within the organisation

  • Able spot potential issues and take action to minimise them

  • Mediation and facilitation skills

Mediation and facilitation skills

  • Able to guide discussions

  • Search for and understand subtext

  • Proactive problem solving

  • Provide support in reaching compromise and consensus decisions

Excellent people skills

  • Able to manage relationships

  • Understand people and personalities

  • Pick up on emotions or interpersonal issues

  • Understand individuals’ limitations and what makes them thrive

Time and change management

  • Able to manage your personal time

  • Able to adapt to change

  • Able to juggle several big-picture roles alongside their tangible implementation




  • Gain essential leadership experience

  • Develop amazing friendships working alongside a community of fun, passionate and dynamic young people

  • Learn about one of the important issues of our time and make an impact in addressing it

  • Be part of a young and rapidly growing organisation

  • Learn skills in a hands-on environment

  • Gain experience and responsibilities that will set you apart when looking for paid work




This position may be divided between two successful candidates with one party assuming the role of Volunteer Liaison and the other of Recruitment Officer.



Before 4pm 11th September, please:

  1. Please fill out this form

  2. Send a copy of your CV to plastic.diet@gmail.com with “core team application” as the subject.

    The Annual General Meeting will be held on the 13th of September, and elections will be held for all core team positions.

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