Waste Watcher Wednesdays

Save yourself some hard-earned cash while eating in style.

Come along to the quad for your lunch or coffee any time 10:30am- 2.30pm every Weds this semester.

AUSA & Plastic Diet last semester petitioned and negotiated with food vendors at UoA to introduce a discount for people who BYO plate/cup for food and drink. It was a success!

Now there are 50c discounts for meals over $8 (when you BYO clean container/plate/bowl) and 20c for all coffees (mug or keepcup) at all of the quad vendors. Exception: Relax and La Panietteria cafes (although they accept BYO cups).

Because reusing crockery is an easy way to reduce our single-use plastic waste, we are operating a pop-up wash-station every Wednesday this semester. It’s stocked with REAL plates, bowls, mugs and crockery! You’ll get the discount, eat in style. We wash it up, no wastage. Win-win-win! Win!

We'll also be making sure there is less wastage by collecting food scraps for our new worm farms, collecting confectionery wrappers for recycling with Terracycle and keeping an eye on the recycling bins. 

Come along to the quad for your lunch or coffee any time between 10:30 and 2.30pm any Wednesday this semester to grab your dish, eat in style or lend a hand at the wash station. It’s sustainability in style.

July 30, 2014 at 10am - 3pm
UoA Quad

Will you come?

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