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Welcome to Plastic Diet, a non-governmental organization dedicated to addressing the global challenge of plastic pollution. Our mission is to reduce plastic consumption through education, collaboration, and action, safeguarding our precious environment for future generations.

At Plastic Diet, we believe that everyone has the power to make a significant impact on reducing plastic waste. Our focus lies in sharing insights from environmental NGOs in China, who are at the forefront of combating plastic pollution and saving our natural world. By interviewing these organizations and individuals, we uncover their innovative approaches to reducing plastic use, driving policy change, and educating the public.

Furthermore, Plastic Diet keeps an eye on global trends in plastic reduction, sharing successful international cases and strategies to inspire our community members to take action. We provide practical daily plastic reduction methods to help individuals and organizations make sustainable choices and reduce their plastic dependency.

We are convinced that through collective effort and continuous education, we can achieve a more sustainable and plastic-reduced future. Plastic Diet invites you to join this movement, working together to create a greener, healthier living environment for our planet, oceans, and future generations.

Join us in making a difference.

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